I Can’t Stand the Rain

I Can’t Stand the Rain

Dec10-1If I had to think of a theme song to describe part of my life, The Rain (Super Dupa Fly) by Missy Elliott would be it.  Well, let me change that!  I just googled the lyrics to that song and it in no way describe me.  She must have been smokin’ some good stuff when she wrote those verses.

Anyway, my name is Michelle Yeager and I hate the rain. Not only do I hate the rain, but I am scared of the rain.  Nothing ever traumatic happened in my life.  I wasn’t left out in the rain as a child and forced to walk home.  I was never so poor that all I had to drink was rain water.  Plain and simple – rain and I just aren’t friends.

You know when it’s raining outside and you see someone driving 45 mph on the expressway?  That’s me.  I drive with pride in the slow lane.   I have both hands on the steering wheel, my seat pulled up close and I have no problem with all of the cars that pass me.  I will take my merry little time to get to my destination and my simple excuse was “it was raining”.

The other tiff I have with rain is just being outside in the rain in general.   I don’t know of any healthy minerals that rain provides for your hair.  No, in all actuality, it does just the opposite.   The humidity of the rain can make a fly new hair style disappear.   Those two raindrops on your hair can make that one section look completely different than the rest of your ‘do.   It’s just not right!

Now, I did have to temporarily make amends with rain this summer.  As a homeowner, I saw how thirsty my grass became.  As it slowly turned from green to olive brown, I knew the only solution was a good rain.  I had to do a temporary rain dance for drops to fall from the sky.  I prayed to the rain gods for rain (but only once I was safe in my house).    I can’t say those rain prayers were answered, but I did give it a try.

Some people dislike clowns, others dislike snake.  Me – I dislike rain.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my fear of rain or if I have just internalized it as a part of my life.  Regardless, I know that it is something that will always be a part of my life.  Love it or hate it, rain is here to stay.  This can apply to many things in our lives.  There are some things you can’t control and you have to learn to best deal with it.   Whether it’s buying an umbrella or just staying home, there are ways to cope.  If you’re in a situation now that you have no control over, what adjustments are you making to continue on with your life?

M.Y. December 2010

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