The Mary Kay Way

The Mary Kay Way

JUly10-5She found me on Facebook.  I didn’t know her beforehand.  Her message was simple – she was a Mary Kay consultant and wanted to use me for her makeover portfolio.  It would take about 90 minutes and I would leave with some free products.  Sure, I said.  Anything to help the community.  I took almost two months for my schedule to allow me to participate, but I finally found myself driving to the Mary Kay facility in Jtown to meet Lisa Bailey.

I was joined by a small handful of other “models” along with a room full of energetic Mary Kay consultants.  You could tell they were excited not only about representing their product, but also just about being around each other!  After being together, dancing, singing and bringing a smile to everyone’s face, all of the “models” were taken into another room.

The first thing we did was clean our face and use some of the Mary Kay cleansing and moisturizing products.  I actually really liked their lip products to help with chapped lips. We each took ‘before’ pics with our bare face.  From there, were proceeded to get a makeover.  The foundation, blush, eye shadows etc… had been perfected matched for each of us.  I was given red lipstick.  While this is a color I would never select for myself, I actually liked the way it all came together.

With our newly ‘pur-tee’ faces, we walked back out into the group.  Prizes were given out to different people.  I left wishing I had somewhere to go since I was “all dressed up with nowhere to go”.  Lisa and the other consultants were all very friendly and knowledgeable.

But here’s the thing – Mary Kay is offering “GPS” (Girlfriend Pamper Sessions) free of charge to groups of women.  All you need is three people.  They will either come to you or you can come to their location.  It only takes about 60 minutes and includes a free facial and makeover.  They provide the snacks, music, free gifts and the fun.  It’s a great way to bond with your friends and do something for you.  If you’re interested in scheduling one for your girlfriends (or even in going to a session by yourself), contact Lisa Bailey – (502) 409-9056 or


M.Y. July 2010

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