Un Be-weave-able

Un Be-weave-able

May10-2Naturally my hair is somewhat long – about 4-5 inches past my shoulders. But every once in awhile, on special occasions my hair calls for special attention and additional features.  Over time this has come in the form of wigs (those are fun but don’t usually look natural), half wigs (which generally blend in well with my hair) and weaves.

I know the new thing is the lace front wig, but that’s not something I would ever be able to wear.  My skin is very sensitive to any and everything.  I am allergic to latex and even the some bandages will leave marks on my skin.  So, the glue people use on the lace front wigs would leave a permanent scar across my forehead (and you may say it won’t but I’m definitely not trying to find out).

For my competition in March I decided to increase my stage presence and add some length to my hair. Since I would be tumbling, I went with a weave (I’m not trying to have a wig fly into the crowd as I tumble!)   My wonderful stylist Chenica Racine, sewed three tracks in to my hair.  I had long(er) flowing locks in no time at all. And, at first I really enjoy the tracks.  I could do a lot with my hair and it had the body and flow that I usually don’t have.

And then it started to annoy me.  See, I’m used to placing a brush on my head and being able to move straight from the top of my head down to the bottom.  With the tracks, my brush only got half way down and then I felt a bump, bump, bump.  I didn’t want my boyfriend to touch my hair because I knew he’d think I had a deformed head.

The second bothersome thing was perspiration.  I had a great workout on the gym and produced a nice sweat.  Unfortunately my head sweat as well.  And in those creases where the braids were, the sweat just ran inside those plaits and was holding on for dear life.  As much as I wanted to shove a comb up in that area and scratch, I couldn’t.

After about three weeks of the tracks, I was ready for them to be taken out.  I liked the look, but missed the natural feel of my own fingers running all the way through my own hair.  Will I do it again?  Yes (actually in four weeks for my next competition) But will I have the same issue – most likely so.

M.Y. May 2010

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