A Fit Prayer

A Fit Prayer

Sept09-4The big Fitness Nationals was this past weekend in New York City.  I’d been dedicated to training for the past eight weeks and was hoping to make a national presence.  I set a goal.  I wanted to get my Pro Card.  Throughout the entire process I kept God and prayer in my life.  I told God what I wanted to accomplish, but also acknowledged that in order for it to happen, it had to also be in his will.

Friday night was the judging of the routines.  There were 30 fitness women competing.  I became nervous as I saw people warming up and just prayed that I could be top five in my class.  (God, we’ve made it here to New York and tonight is the night for routines.  Watch over me as I perform and allow me to give a safe and entertaining performance).  I tried to stay focused and didn’t watch the other routines.  Then I (#17) took the stage.  I only messed up a little on one part but was able to save it.  Afterwards people in the audience said they liked my routine and had one of the strongest ones.

Saturday morning was the judging of the 2 piece suits.  Once again, the other competitors looked good.  (God, this is the final part of judging.  You know my goal.  If this is my time to turn pro, please guide me in that direction).  I noticed my butt was a little larger than the others, but felt I brought a great overall package.  Judging for the suits is done in groups.  The best are called to the stage first (I was called with that group).  Then the best is placed in the middle of the stage.  So, the farther out you are, the lower you most likely placed.  I was on the far left hand side of the stage which meant I probably placed 4th or 5th for that round.

Saturday night was the finals and awards.  All of the fitness women were introduced individually to walk on stage.  As we exited, we were told if we were in the top five.  When I walked off stage, the man looked at my number with a sad face and said, “Hmmm, #17. Congratulations, you’re top 5!”  I excitedly ran to change to get ready to perform my routine again. (Thank you Lord!)

Backstage as we warmed up, I realized that I wasn’t the only person praying.  Although God is on my side, I had to realize that God was on a lot of women’s side.  I prayed once again to God to let me have this moment to shine if he felt that this was my time.  The time for awards came.  5th place – someone else.  4th place – someone one.  That just left three of us.  The top two would receive their pro card!  3rd place – Michelle Yeager!  I was super excited about my placing, but hated that I was just one place away from turning professional.

I was able to talk to one of the judges afterwards and she let me see the score sheets.  I missed turning pro by only 4 points (which is very close).  I walked away from the show proud and with a smile.  I was excited for those that did turn pro and knew that I had nothing to be disappointed about (others backstage didn’t have the same attitude).  I honestly believe that my power in prayer helped keep me content throughout it all.  I know that God has a plan for me.  He showed me that the fitness stage is where I belong and let me place high enough to know that my moment is close.  He helped me stay focused for 8 weeks and let me know that he will always be there for me.  God also created great foods like pizza and chocolate that I now can enjoy (-:   God is good all time and all the time God is good.

M.Y.  September 2009

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