When It Rains

When It Rains

Jun09-2My birthday was May 26.  His birthday was June 5.  We thought a trip would be the perfect way to celebrate both occasions.  We found the perfect resort, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and made plans to be there June 2-9.  I was ready to eat what my heart desired.  I was ready for continually warm weather.  I was ready to relax and worry about absolutely nothing.

And then I looked at the news!  Toward the end of April the talk of the Swine Flu, H1N1 virus, sweeping through all of Mexico was all over the airwaves.  People were wearing face masks to go everywhere and many tourist locations in Mexico were closing.  I intently watched the news and researched the path of the disease.  As the calendar progressed to May and the flu spread to the rest of the world, I realized I was just as safe in Mexico as I would be anywhere else.  Toward the middle of May, the precautions of Mexican travel were lifted and Cabo called our name.

I woke up bright and early on June 2 to head to the airport for my 6:30am flight.  With little sleep the night before, I was ready to lean over in my window seat and get some shut eye during my flight.  (I feel asleep before the plane even completed boarding.)  I woke up 50 minutes later and looked out the window.  I noticed that we were still at the gate in Louisville.  What?!  The pilot talked of a problem with a part that they were trying to fix.  About 15 minutes later he said they couldn’t fix the problem and we would have to de-plane and take another one – that wasn’t going to leave until 8:45am!

Are you serious?  My 2 hour layover in Houston was now down to about 20 minutes (maximum). Although I think I have track skills, I doubted they would get me through the Houston airport before they closed the gates for my 10:00am flight.  I called my boyfriend (who was meeting me in Houston for us then to both fly to Cabo) the news.  I asked him to beg the people to hold the plane for me.

As we fly into TX I text him to say we landed.  He responds that they closed the door five minutes ago and that we’d have to fly out on the next flight at 6:00pm. When?  6:00pm?  I’m supposed to be laying on the beaches of Cabo by then!

While waiting to de-board the plane I check my work mail.  There is an email stating that my secretary is laid up in the hospital with congestive heart failure and fluid on her lungs.  You have got to be kidding me!  I let out a large sigh to anyone that will listen and just felt like the day could only become worse!

But, with faith, I had to realize that once it gets worse, it will always get better.  I was greeted in the terminal by my boyfriend and his simple kiss let me know everything would get better.  We spent the 8 hour layover driving around and visiting some places that could have good future implications.  We arrived safely in Mexico that night.  Although it was dark, when we checked in, we were the only ones there are were given great treatment and a choice of rooms that best fit our preferences.  And, the best thing was waking up the next morning with the sun rising and the sounds of the ocean right at our balcony which all symbolized the start of a bright, and new, wonderful day!

M.Y.  June 2009

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