Psychic or Psycho?

Psychic or Psycho?

May-09-3At one of the Derby events, there was a psychic (from ATL) set up in a side room who was there to tell you your future and all the pains and/or joys that should occur in your life.  I had never been to a psychic before, but I decided to give it a shot and see what she would say.  The guy I was with, she and I sat down (I was a little nervous) and she had us all hold hands.  She looked at him and said, “This is the woman for you.  This is the person that you are going to marry.”  What?!  Huh?  Wow!  Hmmmm!

Without me telling her, she said part of what is going through our head right now is trying to figure out who will exist in whose space and how it will work.  I told her that was interesting she said that because he lives in another state and I live in Louisville.  Her response was that I would move there and that I have about six months to get all of my business together here.  Really!? In her words, this is a relationship that is meant to last and she expect to receive a wedding invitation in March. Excuse me!!  He asked what types of problems we may experience in a relationship since no relationship is perfect.  She asked if we wanted to know the truth.  Of course.  She pointed to me and said “Her.  She will be drama for you”.  Ha, ha.

I then asked the specific question:  “I am trying to accomplish something physically.  Will I be successful?” (I was asking about my fitness competitions but didn’t want to tell her what it was) Psychic lady said that I would be a success, but the one thing that would hold me back (because I am ‘this close’) is that there is inflammation in my lungs.  If I can clear that out, I’ll be good.  She also said that she saw me becoming a fitness model (remember I didn’t tell her I did fitness) and one day creating a business where I help other women accomplish their fitness goals.

In the end she said that I was with a wonderful man that would do anything for me, however I have to be willing to open myself to him and let him be there for me.  I need to communicate with him and tell him my thoughts (because he can’t read my mind) and once I do that, everything will be smooth sailing.

We walked back to the car and didn’t really say anything about it.  Just took it all in.  She said some very positive things so if everything did happen it would be a wonderful thing.  But, at the same time, you wonder if people really can predict the future and what will happen to you.  So, I am putting all of this in writing now, on Thursday, May 14.  If anything of these things really do happen, just know that you read it here first!

M.Y.  May 2009

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