Main Event

The Main Event
I so wanted it to happen!  I purchased my plane ticket.  I called my uncle in Michigan and had a place to stay.  I didn’t plan any meetings for two days.  I was ready.  Louisville and UNC were supposed to play each other in the Championship game for NCAA men’s basketball.  I won’t say who, but one of the teams let me down a little earlier than expected.

It was interesting to read people’s Facebook updates throughout the entire game.  Even people who were at the game were taking out their frustrations online.  Some of comments posted included:
“had fun in Indi until Sun…now depressed :( “, “is not really feeling this thing called “work” today…I am still a little down from the Elite 8 loss…”, “is wondering if the Cardinals left all the enthusiasm on The court Friday night” and “woke up this morning feeling like I’ve been cheated on!! Why couldn’t yesterday have been a dream? Can we have a do over? UUUUUGGGGHHH!! What a way to start spring break!!”

So while I didn’t get to experience that championship game main event, there was another one here in Louisville.  For an hour last Sunday I kicked it with three cool men.  Yes, me and three men (could be a fantasy to some ladies!) Haven Harington, Rob Bell and Carlo Kellam have their own sports radio show on 1350 WLOU AM radio entitled “The Main Event Sports Show”.  They talk about any and every sport event imaginable.  Of course we talked about UL sports and the demise of Billy G at UK.  Karlo, also known as “Mr. Marvelous” is a trash talking UK fan and he had his share of callers that called in to give him an earful.  He took it all in great stride, though, and although he was respectful, he stood a proud Cats fan (I can now say, though, that he was incorrect on Izzo being the new coach).

Then there was Haven who seemed like the ring leader of the group.  He kept the pace of the program going.  He was fortunate enough to go to Indy on Friday night and shared his behind the scene footage.  He played a clip from Rick Pitino and also led a discussion about the NFL football player in TX who was pulled over at an emergency room as his mother -in-law died in the hospital.

Rounding out the crew was Rob Bell.  He disagrees with me, but I told him he seemed like the laid back one in the crew.  He’s the stats guy that stayed on the internet to keep folks updated on games scores and recent headlines.  He also seemed like the most unbiased (as far as favorite teams go) and offered a great perspective on everything.  So, if you haven’t checked these guys out – they are on the radio (and online) every Saturday from 6-7pm.  I appreciate them letting a Tar Heel like me in the studio!

M.Y.  April 2009

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