I’m Not Complaining/I’m Just Saying

I’m Not Complaining/I’m Just Saying!

Jan09-5* I lost all of my Insight services on Wednesday morning (no cable, internet or phone).  However, I still had power.  When I called Insight to see how long it may be out, I was told that their priority was to first go to the people that didn’t have power.  My question – what can someone without power do with cable?
*Everyone called into work last week saying they couldn’t make it in because of the bad weather – so why was the UL basketball game a packed house?  Really!?

I’m Not Complaining/I’m Just Saying!
*Everyone talked about rushing to the grocery store to get bread and milk.  Why are these two items such necessities?  If you didn’t use bread on a regular, what purpose does it serve in the snow?  Same things with milk – wouldn’t water serve you better in a potential power outage?
*My neck was killing me from shoveling snow and moving furniture.  However, I was unable to get a chiro appointment right away.  I needed some temporary relief so I used a battery operated device to massage it. (Imagine that visual!)

I’m Not Complaining/I’m Just Saying!
*Without cable, I watched DVDs.  In the movie ‘Coming to America’ Arsenio Hall plays a pastor that hosts Black Awareness Week.  Why does he praise the Lord and then get hot and bothered by the swimsuit pageant contestants all in the same breathe?  Then after a little more worshipping, he introduces the band ‘Sexual Chocolate’.  Something just isn’t right!
*I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed I had a missed call at 11:20pm.  I looked at the clock and it said it was 12:00.  I went on and called him back.  He answered sounding half sleep and asked if I were okay.  I said I was just returning his call.  He said he called earlier when he left work.   Still unsure of why he sounded odd, I rolled over and looked at another clock.  This clock said 2:30am.  (I originally looked at the clock on the Insight DVR box that had read 12:00 for the past three days).  I quickly apologized and said I’d call him back at a more reasonable hour!

I’m Not Complaining/I’m Just Saying!
*When it’s 2:30am, you’re hungry and you’re in training with limited options for food, egg whites are a good option.  However, DON’T crack the entire egg on your stovetop instead of in the skillet.  It causes a horrible smell!
*Also in ‘Coming To America’, Soul Glo is a sponsor of the Black Awareness Week.  Why didn’t pastor Arsenio take a couple of free sprays from one of the sample bottles?  His curl was screaming out ‘FEED ME!’

M.Y. February 2009

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