7th Time’s a Charm

“Seventh Time is a Charm”
Nov08-2This was my year of competitions!  I decided to jump in head first and dedicate myself to figure and then fitness competitions.  I started training the last week of January and my first competition was on March 22 in Northern KY, the day before Easter. I would have never thought that I would have won my height class, but I did.  It was pure thrill being up on the stage seeing all of my hard work pay off.  After the first competition I was hooked.  My new goal was to win the overall title of all the competitors.

My next competition was two weeks later in Cleveland.  Once again I won my class (and the 6 ft trophy) but not the overall title.  Shucks.  A week later I was in Cincy.  I placed 4th in my class.  I felt very slighted and that the competition was fixed.  The woman that won trained at the gym that sponsored the competition.  Others told me the same thing and I didn’t even want the trophy.  I hid it in my room and erased the competition from my memory.   Never again would I compete there.
From there was the National competition in May in South Carolina.  There I decided that I wanted to switch over to fitness.  I entered my first fitness competition in July in Fort Wayne, IN and placed first in fitness and second in figure.  I felt great with only two weeks to get ready for the show.
I ended the season with a fitness competition in Baltimore.  I placed first in fitness and fourth in figure.  The women there looked wonderful, so I was fine with my placement.  I fought with myself about doing one more competition.  It was the same Cincy competition as earlier in the year.  I wanted to protest the show, but at the same time wanted to compete one last time.
After going back and forth, I decided to enter.  It was a large competition.  There were over 18 women in my height class.  The women who placed ahead of me in April were there again.  I thought to myself that I could have been at home stuffing my face!  Oh well, there was no turning back.  I became a little more excited when I was told there would be a new head judge.  Once on the competition floor, I was moved to the middle for pre-judging (that’s a good sign).  I received compliments from my trainer and people in the audience.  I felt good.  During the finals it was announced that I won my class.  Hip hip hooray for Louisville!  Now came the title I wanted the most – the overall.  They brought out each class winner and we competed against each other for the overall title.  Oh, I wanted it so bad.  I wasn’t a hometown favorite so I didn’t have the backing of the crowd.  But, I DID IT!  I won the overall title.  In addition, I received the award (Best Symmetry) for the person with the most potential for the future.  I received two trophies, a plaque, and a champion jacket!  It took seven months and seven competitions – but the additional thrill was worth the wait!

M.Y.  November 20008

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