Quit Complaining

  “Quit Complaining”
OCt08-5We (black folks) love to complain about any and everything.  When our streets are dirty and full of trash – we complain. When gas gets too high – we complain.  When our children get bad grades in school – we complain.  We (black folks) believe that everything is wrong in the world and we tend to be overly negative.  We can spend hours on the phone or in a beauty salon talking junk about any and everything, and then go home and watch reality shows on television.

Hello!!!  Wake up and look around!  This is your current reality!  Quit complaining about everything around you and instead do something about.  Don’t max out all of your credit cards and then complain about the nation’s current financial situation.  Quit complaining that restaurant prices are too high when just last week you walked out of the restaurant and intentionally didn’t pay your bill.  Don’t bad mouth our public schools when you’ve never attended one of your children’s parent/teacher conferences!
We have a chance on Tuesday to create change and make a difference.  There is one thing we know for sure – on Tuesday, November 4 there will be a new president.  Regardless of how many people vote, there will be a new face that we address as Mr. President.  Nobody can be completely happy with all that is going on in our society.  So take this first step and go out and vote.  It’s free, it’s painless and it’s confidential!
Now, I could tell you to vote for – but I won’t.  Your future should not rest in my hands.  Take these next days to research the issues that are important to you and find the candidate that best meets your needs.  Don’t vote for someone solely because of their race.  Don’t vote for someone strictly based on their age.  It’s one person, one vote.  Let your voice be heard!
Regardless of how you vote on November 4, on November 5 we (black folks) must change our way of thinking.  We need to start letting our actions speak louder than our words.   This can be done on so many levels. If you want to bring about change in Louisville then get more involved with the Metro Council or your School Board member.  Statewide, find your Senator or Representative.  Don’t just go and offer complaints and point your finger.  Take the time gather your points while offering some solutions that can bring about positive change.   If you want there to be change, you must make yourself a part of that change!!

M.Y. October 2008

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