Get In Shape Girl

“Get In Shape Girl!”

I’ve always been a competitive person.  I started competing in gymnastics at the age of six. I had practice four times a week, every week. Once I entered middle/high school, that transitioned into cheerleading.  I also was active in track.  Unfortunately, many of the sports I grew up doing are not things that you can do into your adult life.  Unlike basketball, you can’t just throw on a leotard and go bust some flips at a local gym with other people your age.  (My students always thought I was a cool teacher because I would flip for them when they had good behavior).  Even track isn’t the same.  Distant runners have all the fun. There’s a marathon every other weekend. How many hurdles have you seen lined upon the street or how many adults recently have you heard yell, “Go! Stick!”? (I think I’m FloJo at Urban Active and do my own Olympic Trials for the 100).

I was able to perform again a couple of years ago when I danced for the Louisville Fire. That was a blast, I loved being in front of so many people, but I disliked the goofy appearances we were required to do.  So now in my 30s I wondered what else I could do to physically challenge myself.  My new boyfriend’s name is Jim (aka the GYM) and you can find me there on a regular basis.  He’s always been around, but recently we’ve started being more committed.  I love weight lifting, cardio, pilates and classes.  It’s all a thrill.  Over the years, people have asked me when I was going to consider competing in a figure/fitness contest and I always brushed it off – until now!

Officially starting last week, I have started training for a figure competition.  My life like I knew it has permanently changed.  Meals consist of eggs, chicken, oatmeal, vegetables and protein shakes. My refrigerator has never looked so beautiful!  My workouts are more focused.  It will be interesting to see the changes that may occur and if I’ll be ready for my first competition in a couple of weeks.  As I write right now, I’ve already endured my first injury (and it was painful) but like they say, “no pain, no gain”.  I won’t be able to write about it every week here in Onyx, but feel free to check out my blog on my progress –

M.Y. February 2008

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