What’s Your Story?

“What’s Your Story?”

One of my best friends is known to ask people the above quote.  If you think about it, each of us has a story.  While on my trip, I was intrigued at the lives of the people I met.  First there was Mimi who I met on the van shuttle to the resort.  She’s a red haired painter from Chicago.  She has 10 weeks of timeshares at the Grand Mayan and has been going there for the past 12 years.  She’s loud, proud and knows everyone there.  She and her sister come for the first 4 weeks and the husbands are ‘allowed’ to join them for the rest.  I learned so much about the resort and town in that short ride.

I then met someone I’ll call “Stella”.  Our tables were next to each other for lunch.  She’s a fly sista who is going to permanently move to Puerta Vallarta when she retires next year.  She told me about her male friend that she met there in March who’d been helping her out since her most recent visit.  Then after we bonded while listening to the Toni Braxton CD in the background she felt she could share her secret.  The night before she went out with her friend’s friend to the club and somehow or another they ended up sleeping together.  Stella got her groove back – although now she regrets it.

Lastly, there was Tammy.  She and her husband waited next to me for the shuttle to the canopy tour.  Also with them were her father and his wife.  She didn’t grow up around him because her parents divorced when she was four.  His new wife (her stepmother) was only six months older than Tammy.  It was their first father/daughter vacation together.  After an hour drive to the site, Tammy felt I was now a part of their family and became a sister.  The sexy Mexican guides would tell me where my ‘family’ was when we got separated.

You never know when you’ll cross paths again with someone.  “Stella” and I exchanged numbers and she called the next day to see if we could get together.  (I told her I wanted an update).  Mimi was always nearby at the resort and continued to give great advice through the trip.  Tammy and I have emailed each other since returning to the states.  Life isn’t only about what you do, but it’s also about the impression you leave with others.  The next time you’re in an elevator or just standing next to someone, take the time to say HELLO.  You never know what their story might be or how they could affect your life!

M.Y.  November 2007

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