You Are My Rainbow

“You Are My Rainbow”

I took this picture from my office window a couple of weeks ago.  My co-workers had been in a funky mood that Friday morning until we came across the beautiful rainbow.  So today, I wish to thank each of you for being my rainbow.  Rainbows are full of beauty and mystery.  You never know when you’ll see one, but whenever you do it makes you stop whatever you’re doing and appreciate life a little more.  It’s a rainbow moment each time I go out and meet someone new that compliments me on the OnyxLouisville newsletter.  It’s a joy to meet the diverse group of readers.

We are each rainbows in our own rite.  Rainbows are colorful from a distance and often seem perfect.  However, we all know that rainbows are a combination of different factors.  It must rain in order for there to be a rainbow.  Similar to our lives, there will be our fair share of stresses and trials we will cross.  Sometimes it may even seem like a never ending storm.  We need that rain in our lives, though, in order to grow.  But have you ever noticed that at some point the storm has to end?  We also have our times to shine like the sun on a hot summer day. The birth of a child, a promotion on the job, losing five pounds or even a nice afternoon to just do nothing let us know that life isn’t as bad as expected.

I know little about your background, but I know you’ve experienced both sun and rain.  We’ve each had a different combination of the two.  However, if we didn’t combine both the sun and rain, then you couldn’t be my rainbow.  Your beauty wouldn’t shine high among the clouds for all to see.  Sometimes it’s an outer beauty and other times  it glows from inside.  We know nobody is perfect, but for those few precious moments (like a rainbow in the sky) that our paths cross, you are my rainbow!

M.Y.  October 2007

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