The Hookup

“The Hookup”

I went and visited my relatives in Detroit last weekend (the photo is of my cousins, uncle and I). It was nice to spend quality time with them. We all attended the wedding on 07-07-07 of my aunt’s godson, Mikey. Mikey has a large family and most were in attendance.   He was an Alpha at the University of Kansas so some of his frat brothers were in the wedding (most of whom were married). Well, about halfway through the reception, it was decided by many in attendance that I should be “hooked up” with the sole single groomsman.  The only things we had in common were that we were younger, African American, professional and single.  I tried to humor everyone and sat next to the dude to talk to him.  Although nice, just not my type.  Then it started: ”Would you two mind standing over by the pond for a picture?” “Why don’t you place your hand on her shoulder?”  Still no connection.  Then I received a “look and a wink” from the groom’s father, Clarence, as I watched him walk up to the DJ to request a slow song.  That didn’t work either, the dude doesn’t dance (he doesn’t even know the electric slide).  So I ended up dancing with Clarence.  After more nudges and ‘he seems like a guy nice’, I think people finally got the point that he and I would NOT be the next two at the alter……. I am a true believer that while there are a large number of people that can be wonderful friends/associates, there are only a handful that are meant to be the ‘end all/be all’.

M.Y. July 2007

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