A friend of mine had been bragging about this dessert at a restaurant on Bardstown Rd.  We tried to order it during the week, but were told it is only served on the weekend.  My friend has his kids for the weekend so he offered the following proposal – “I really want you to try the dessert this weekend.  Why don’t you and your friends go up there on Friday night and each of you order the dessert.  I’ll go up there in advance and pay for the them.  Once you’ve tasted it and fallen in love with it, give me a call.”

So my crew and I all ordered a white chocolate mousse dessert and were impressed.  We laughed the entire time we were there.  I learned two things that night.  Thing 1: nice guys are still alive and well.  Thing 2: women + chocolate + cute dresses – money needed = people staring at you in a restaurant.

(Brian deserves two weeks in a row!)

M.Y.  June 2007

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